Why ?
Sep 24, 2021 1:04 PM

What are TimePieces?

TIMEPieces is a new NFT community initiative from TIME.

The premiere collection of TIMEPieces is titled, Build a Better Future, and we have asked 40 incredible creatives for their interpretation of this idea. The drop includes limited editions created from 37 unique artworks -- totalling 4,676 NFTs.

Each buyer will receive a random TIMEPiece from the collection that will be revealed once all of the pieces have been sold. Owners of TIMEPieces will receive unlimited access to TIME.com through TIME’s 100th Anniversary, exclusive invites to some of our physical events and access to a variety of exclusive digital experiences.

You can view the full gallery of work available in this collection here.

How to Mint

The NFTs will be sold in a blind drop on Thursday, September 23rd at 12PM ET.

Each NFT in this collection will be 0.1 ETH and buyers can purchase up to 10 pieces from the drop.

Ownership of a TIMEPiece provides you with unlimited access to TIME.com through TIME’s 100th Anniversary and other exclusive benefits.

About the Artists

TIME worked with 40 artists from nearly every continent to create completely original NFTs for this collection. The artists include a mix of experienced NFT artists and traditional artists -- half of the artists have never created an NFT before.

Featured artists include (alphabetized):

Addie Wagenkhecht · Allison Dayka · Baeige · Brobel Design · Cath Simard · Charly Palmer · Destiny Kirumira · Diana Sinclair · Drue Kataoka · Dylan Urquidi · Edel Rodriguez · Emonee LaRussa · FVCKRENDER · Houda Bakkali · Isabel Samaras & Marcos Sorensen · J.N. Silva · John Knopf · John Mavroudis · Julie Pacino · Justin Aversano & Nicole Buffett · Kendall Chambers · Kenji Chai · Lethabo Huma · Marc Burckhardt · Micah Johnson · Olive Allen · Oscar Mar · Parin Heidari · Red Hong Yi · Sarah Kanu · Shana Wilson · Steve Warner · Tim O’Brien · Tyler Gordan · Victor Mosquera · Viktoria Modesta & Katie McIntyre & Nina Hawkins · Yvette Hammond



For any additional questions please visit our Help Center or contact timepieces@time.com